Coping Skills for Families Living With Autism

Thank you for stopping by to visit! It is my hope and prayer that you will find some bit of encouragement, a few resources to equip you, and someone (me!) who can relate to you as you journey through life as part of a family living with autism. Some of my posts may include affiliate links. Welcome!

Are you the parent of a child who has been diagnosed with autism? Perhaps you are a grandparent, sibling, uncle or aunt of a child with autism. Quite possibly, you don’t have a diagnosis for your child yet but you have seen some red flags of autism and want to learn more. No matter which category you fit into, you desire direction about what to expect as a family living with autism. You are in need of tools that will help you cope with tantrums, sensory issues, quirks, lack of verbal communication, transitioning your child into adulthood, getting a diagnosis, and more. It is my hope that this series, Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism, will encourage and equip you through each daily experience as you do your best to parent your child on the spectrum.

In this series, Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism, find encouragement and be equipped with these helpful posts from families already in the trenches of a life with #autism!

To help me to encourage and equip you, I have asked several other bloggers to join me for this series. Not only has their initial response of “yes” wowed me, but I am amazed at the wonderful encouragement and helpful tips they each have included in their posts, each one written to reach families living with autism just like yours.

Throughout the series you will also be able to visit this page to find the newest post linked below, as well as any previous posts that you may have missed. Or feel free to check the blog each day to find the newest post at the top of the page.

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Day 1 Understanding Autism and Identifying Red Flags

Day 2 Top 5 Coping Tips for Special Needs Parenting

Day 3 Life on an Island Without a Tribe

Day 4 Autism, Sleep Deprivation, and How We Cope

Day 5 Navigating Puberty and Autism

Day 6 An Unexpected Journey Into the World of Autism

Day 7 5 Truths to Cling to On the Hard Days

Day 8 Confession: My Son Has Asperger’s

Day 9 Advocating is Key: Seven Simple Steps to Assist with Advocating for Autism

Day 10 Dealing with Change in Autism

Day 11 Dealing with Delaying Doctors

Day 12 3 Secrets to Remaining Calm While Parenting a Child with Autism

Day 13 3 Top Tips to help Your Sensory Challenged Child with Art

Day 14 The Ultimate Resource List for Families Living with Autism

Day 15 How I Helped My Son With Autism Deal With a Difficult Child

As a part of National Autism Awareness Month, I have also been given the opportunity to share about this series in Autism Parenting Magazine, a helpful resource for families living with autism. The April issue will be available April 1, 2016, and I will be sharing more about my article once it is available. Until then, visit Autism Parenting Magazine and enter your email to receive a FREE issue of the magazine! If you decide to subscribe to Autism Parenting Magazine, you will gain access to articles that provide real life stories, tips for dealing with sensory issues, information about therapies, the latest news and research, and so much more. There are three options from which to choose, so you are bound to find one that works for you!

Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism was written as a part of National Autism Awareness Month. Be sure to subscribe to the blog, share with your friends and family, and leave us comments to let us know if you’ve found helpful information, if you have questions, or if you need prayer. We are here to equip and encourage you, to offer tips and advice, and to walk alongside you on this journey as Families Living with Autism.

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