Understanding Autism and Identifying Red Flags

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There’s a saying I have heard tossed around here and there.

“Once you’ve met one person with autism…..you’ve met one person with autism.”

The more I think about this and the more I learn about autism, the more I know the truth of this statement. Just as in any other area of life or when thinking about personalities of other people, those on the autism spectrum are not what we might call “cookie cutter”. Each person is unique. Lovingly created and crafted by the One true God who loves us. A diagnosis of autism will not change that, and coming to terms with this fact early on has given me a great sense of relief and acceptance of our daughter’s diagnosis. As my husband said when we first began to seek help and a diagnosis,

“She is still the same little girl.”

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He was not wrong. Getting a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and auditory processing disorder did not change our daughter’s personality, her identity, our love for her. It did not and does not change who she is. She is a child lovingly crafted by the king of kings, a sweet girl and a blessing to our family, who has a very specific purpose on this earth.

[Tweet “What a #autism diagnosis did was prove I was right on track with my suspicions all along.”]

And it has allowed me to have confidence as I research and learn more about what autism is, what it means for our family, and how to help our daughter.

Well-meaning friends and family often try to encourage moms with comments such as “She’ll grow out of it” or by saying they don’t see anything wrong with our child. I have even done such things in the past, to try and help friends be less hard on themselves or their children…..to calm mommy nerves, because we know we all get them from time to time. It is common and, most of the time, comes from a heart that wants to help.

However, when you continue to see milestones that are not being met, when your child is different from all of your other children, when it is glaringly obvious that she cannot do the same things that other children can do, you begin to wonder. If you are me, you begin to research and read and question. Personally, I think these are all good things to do. Loving parents want what is best for their children and will go to the ends of the earth to do what is best for them.

As a part of National Autism Awareness Month, the Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism series begins today. I’ve anticipated this series and have been planning, along with several of my friends, for quite a few months now. Our hope is to provide encouragement, tools, and information to you as we share about many different aspects regarding living with autism throughout the month.

Below I have listed a few resources to help you get started learning more about autism. Hopefully, this information will help you in understanding autism and identifying red flags in your own children.

Understanding Autism and Identifying Red Flags

Whether you are early on in your journey, simply have suspicions, or have had a diagnosis for your child for quite some time, these books and resources will help you to better understand autism as well as equip you to identify red flags in your own child if and when they appear. Later in this series I plan to provide an extensive list of resources, blogs, and tools. This short list consists of just a few of my favorite books about autism spectrum disorder and people living successfully with the diagnosis.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet

Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s

Temple Talks about Autism and the Older Child

The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism

Thinking in Pictures, Expanded Edition: My Life with Autism

Be sure to follow along with Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism.

In this series, Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism, find encouragement and be equipped with these helpful posts from families already in the trenches of a life with #autism! familieslivingwithautism.com

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