5 Truths to Cling to on the Hard Days

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I never expected it to consume me so fully after the Autism diagnosis of our beautiful, two year old girl.

Gone were my dreams of her picture-perfect childhood and all of the plans I had made for her little life. As hard as those early days after her diagnosis were, and as hard as I struggled to come to grips with a new normal, the Lord comforted me and brought me through my darkest days.

His perfection and holiness shone through my deepest despair and gave me hope that we would have life abundantly in Him despite the intrusion of Autism in our lives.

5 Truths to Cling to On the Hard Days - Are you clinging to truth along your #autism journey? Here are 5 just for you! familieslivingwithautism.com


Yet in the recesses of my mind, grief would lie dormant; taunting me on some days that were harder than I could ever imagine.

I knew I needed a practical plan for those tough days to combat grief and those moments when I simply could not go on in my own strength.

It was one day after pouring through God’s Word begging for His peace and comfort, that He gently led me to form a “List of Truths.”

These truths would become my own personal manifesto and guide through the rough moments until I felt the peaceful and calming presence of the Lord.

These truths have become my battle cry and I often mutter these prayers and truths with clenched teeth or through sobs of frustration.

These truths have helped soothe me in moments of weakness and offer a ray of hope even through the biggest of meltdowns.

While your list of truths may be different than mine, may this concept provide a foundation of healing, hope and encouragement in your life as you parent your child with Autism with grace and understanding.

Your child is fearfully and wonderfully made.

God formed your child exactly as he/she is and your child is made in the image of the Father. I believe that having a special needs child lets us as mere humans see another perspective of our Heavenly Father. We can see more clearly the unconditional love of the Lord in the eyes of our child as we remember just how deeply He cares for all of His children.

The Autism diagnosis and the path of your life does not take God by surprise.

There is comfort and power knowing that God is in control. He is not shaken or shocked by the diagnosis of your child, and has allowed this to sift through His mighty hands. Let Him show you His power and loving-kindness as you seek Him throughout your parenting journey.

God is in control.

When life seems out of control, remember that God is in control. The same omnipotent Father who created the heavens and the Earth is still on His throne and is very much in control today.

In times when frustrations are high and meltdowns rage around us, God’s unwavering character is the shelter in the storm and a safe-place to find refuge.

The Lord will provide peace, comfort and restore joy to His children.

When times are troubled and moments are uncertain, trust that God will provide you with His perfect peace. Call out to Him in prayer and dive into His Word meditating on it for nuggets of truth and comfort. The moments and the hard days WILL pass, and God will restore your feeble heart to a more softened condition than before.

Your child has a purpose.

Your child is a gift from the Lord. Click To Tweet

Although the plan for him/her may not look as though you originally planned, God has a plan for your child. Let the Lord use your child to meet new people and touch lives in ways that could not have been done without the Autism diagnosis. Use this new platform to praise the Lord in all situations and to be a light in a darkened world.

Friend, no matter how dark your days may be or how hard some moments seem, trust that the King of Kings walks by your side every step of the way. May His peace guide your path and may you cling to His Word and your list of truths when the hard days come. He alone is faithful!

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