The Ultimate Resource List for Families Living with Autism


Have you read our Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism series? If not, make sure you go back and read all of the posts. Each person who contributed to the series shared some very insightful and encouraging tips and advice for families living with autism, and I know the series will be a wonderful resource for you and your family!

If you have been following along then you already know it is a fabulous resource and you will be especially excited to learn more about what we’re offering today!

The Ultimate Resource List for Families Living with Autism - Find amazingly helpful resources for your family living with #autism with this ULTIMATE list!

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How I Helped My Son with Autism Deal with a Difficult Child

“I can’t handle him, Mom.” My son with Aspergers syndrome was crying as we walked down the hallway to our apartment. “I don’t want to go on our bike rides anymore.”

While I was elated that my Aspie was conveying his thoughts and feelings, my heart broke for him. He was talking about a neighbor friend three years younger than himself.

In How I Helped My Son with Autism Deal with a Difficult Child, come learn how Jenny helped her son to cope with a very difficult situation!

We live in an apartment complex, and this was a friend we saw almost daily. I couldn’t abruptly stop playing with our group of friends during the warm weather. I was already running interference between the two. What was I to do?

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3 Top Tips to Help Your Sensory Challenged Child with Art


Art is an enriching wonderful part of the learning experience. You can easily use art to help enrich a topic or keep your child’s hands busy while you read aloud to them. There are an amazing amount of lessons and examples online for you to choose from.

Is your child struggling greatly with the concept of art?

In 3 Top Tips to Help Your Sensory Challenged Child with Art - Learn to help your child with #sensoryissues enjoy art projects!


I am blessed with 5 kids all with sensory issues, 4 are on the autism spectrum. There are a few key points I have found that cause us problems. Continue reading “3 Top Tips to Help Your Sensory Challenged Child with Art”

3 Secrets to Remaining Calm While Parenting a Child with Autism


I think we can all agree that parenting is a tough gig. There are so many things to learn without much time for a learning curve built in. Then, throw in a child with neurological challenges such as autism and parenting just got a whole lot harder and more confusing. One of the hardest parts can be remaining calm while parenting a child with Autism.

We spend so much time caring for our children that we forget to take care of ourselves. Click To Tweet

Read 3 Secrets to Remaining Calm While Parenting a Child with Autism and get equipped to keep your cool the next time your child has a meltdown!

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Dealing with Delaying Doctors


It’s so easy to walk down to your local pediatrician’s office and belly up to the front counter and get a proper complete developmental testing for issues like autism. No, no, please stop laughing so hard, you might hurt yourself. I know my cat just ran out of the room in terror from my belly laugh.

You see, I am the mom to five kids that have sensory issues, and four of them are also on the autism spectrum.

Need help dealing with delaying doctors? Read this post and gain the confidence you need to face this issue head on!

We lived for years in doctors and therapists waiting rooms. I have filled out packages of papers that make our science textbook look like it’s scrawny. I have also looked into the face of doctors that just shrug at my husband’s and my concerns about our child’s development. You have met them, the doctor that delays you and stands in the way of getting proper care for your child.
Sadly, many pediatricians in the past couple of years have begun to believe that autism is the new black. That it’s some sort of fall back diagnosis that parents are just begging for.

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Confession: My Son Has Asperger’s


Confession: My son has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Although not widely diagnosed anymore in the United States, Asperger’s falls under the autistic spectrum. Yet, when you look at my sweet boy, you wouldn’t know he has autism.

He doesn’t look different.

Most of the time he doesn’t act different.

Yet, if you ask him to take his shoes off- you might see a change in his personality. If you ask him to do dancing aerobics in PE class, you are going to get an absolute no.

“Sounds like he is just defiant.”

Confession: My Son Has Asperger's offers encouragement from a mama in the trenches with you along the #autism journey!

Yeah, you might be saying that to yourself. I don’t blame you. For years, I judged Mamas who had kids like my son.

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Dealing with Change in Autism

My son was first diagnosed with autism when he was two years old. The doctor said it was “preliminary” as he was quite young and maybe he would change as he matured. When he was three, that diagnosis was finalized. And since then, due to the various therapies he has been through, my son has been reevaluated and assessed five more times. Each time leading to what we already know – he has autism. When you have a “professional” tell you that for the seventh time, you just sort of laugh. They always say it like it’s something new and unusual, or like you are going to explode at the thought. Nope, no explosions here. Just parents who want to help their kid in the best way we know how.

One of my earliest experiences with therapy was quite a shocker to me and it is the experience that I look to the most when it comes to breaking my son out of his shell. Early Intervention started for my son at 20 months old, but it was at three years old, upon exiting the Early Intervention program, that his therapist said to me,

“Rebecca, you have to rock his world. Schedules and routine are important, but you have to shake it up now and then for him to learn.”

What?! Anyone who knows my kid knows that routine and schedule rule the day. Everything is the same, always.

Learn helpful tips and tricks for dealing with change in autism through this post from a mom who knows!

However, it was because of that therapist’s words that I would like to share with you three ways in which we have learned to deal with change. Because change, no matter how hard you plan out life, always occurs. Continue reading “Dealing with Change in Autism”

Advocating is Key: Seven Simple Steps to Assist with Advocating for Autism


There are many things I have learned during the almost five years since our precious son Miles has blessed our family. If I had the opportunity to only tell you one piece of advice to equip you as you navigate the path of raising a child with autism, it would be to ADVOCATE!

Advocating for your child matters at all ages and stages. Whether it be your infant who is missing many developmental milestones, a toddler who has too many red flag characteristics to ignore, journeying through the world of special education services and individualized education plans, or preparing a teen with life skills to transition into adulthood, I believe that advocating is the most important thing that you can do as a parent.

Advocating is Key: Seven Simple Steps to Assist with Advocating for Autism will help you to help your child as best you can!

Along my journey of parenting a child with autism there have been many roadblocks to receiving help for Miles, and they’ve mainly taken the form of people. Continue reading “Advocating is Key: Seven Simple Steps to Assist with Advocating for Autism”

5 Tips for Preparing Your Special Needs Child for a Day Away from Home


Over the summer, we try to do a few fun things with the family. Fun activities to help us make memories that we will talk about for years to come. Each summer that looks a bit different.

Some years we have traveled to my in-laws’ cabin (open to renters, so be sure to check out that option if you would like a leisurely week on the river with  your family!) and spent a week grilling, tubing, playing games, and generally enjoying the very calm way of life found in that little town.

Other years we have spent the summer preparing to move and then moving to a new state. We are so glad that kind of year is not coming up again any time soon!

One of most favorite days of family fun happened when we decided to spend the day on a very large local lake. We rented a boat; prepared lunch, snacks, a bag of possible needed ‘extras’, and extra clothing; and headed out.

I am early on in this special needs journey, so I will not pretend that I have it all down pat. However, there are a few things that I have learned in the short time that we have known about our daughter’s special needs.

5 Tips for Preparing Your Special Needs Child for a Day Away from Home #specialneeds #autism

I hope that, by sharing here what we have learned, I can offer some tangible way to ease the daily frustrations that can come with parenting a special needs child. It is also my desire to offer hope that the things you may currently believe to be impossible, can become possible with just a bit of planning ahead. Continue reading “5 Tips for Preparing Your Special Needs Child for a Day Away from Home”

5 Truths to Cling to on the Hard Days


I never expected it to consume me so fully after the Autism diagnosis of our beautiful, two year old girl.

Gone were my dreams of her picture-perfect childhood and all of the plans I had made for her little life. As hard as those early days after her diagnosis were, and as hard as I struggled to come to grips with a new normal, the Lord comforted me and brought me through my darkest days.

His perfection and holiness shone through my deepest despair and gave me hope that we would have life abundantly in Him despite the intrusion of Autism in our lives.

5 Truths to Cling to On the Hard Days - Are you clinging to truth along your #autism journey? Here are 5 just for you!


Yet in the recesses of my mind, grief would lie dormant; taunting me on some days that were harder than I could ever imagine. Continue reading “5 Truths to Cling to on the Hard Days”